Corrugated Horn Design

Corrugated horn antenna has parallel slots or grooves, small compared with a wavelength, covering the inside surface of the horn, transverse to the axis. Corrugated horns have wider bandwidth and smaller side lobes and cross-polarization, and are widely used as feed horns for satellite dishes and radio telescopes due to their low side lobe and cross-polarization level. The excited TE mode from a circular waveguide passes along the corrugated inner surface of a circular horn antenna, where a TM mode is also generated. When combined, these two modes give lower cross polarization at the antenna aperture. By using this application, the antenna radiation characteristics and aperture cross-polarization ratio can be improved by modifying the geometry of the antenna.


Corrugated Horn Antenna Design Software

I have developed a Matlab based software to design corrugated horn antenna. This Matlab program is written for corrugated horn antenna design. GUI interface is user friendly. Several type of Horn-profile can be selected for horn antenna design. For mode converting section either variable depth slots or ring loaded slots can be used. Calculation is based on IEEE paper “Design of Corrugated Horns: A Primer”. Co-ordinate data of horn antenna can be export in text file for CAD design. In addition, this program generated data file for Champ software for variable depth type configuration, so that horn can be analyzed using mode matching technique in champ.

 Download Project File – Corrugated Horn Antenna at 60 GHz

60 GHz Corrugated Horn Antenna Simulation Result


c4.jpg c3



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