Below are software written by me using different languages for technical jobs. You are welcome to download code and use these programs for your work. Some project files are password protected, write to me to access code.


Corrugated Horn Antenna Design Software

This Matlab program is written for corrugated horn antenna design. GUI interface is user friendly. Several type of Horn-profile can be selected for horn antenna design. For mode converting section either variable depth slots or ring loaded slots can be used. Calculation is based on IEEE paper “Design of Corrugated Horns: A Primer”. Co-ordinate data of horn antenna can be export in text file for CAD design. In addition, this program generated data file for Champ software for variable depth type configuration, so that horn can be analyzed using mode matching technique in champ.

  • Language: Matlab (R14SP1)
  • Reference: Christophe Garnet and Graeme L. James, “Design of Corrugated Horns: A Primer”, IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, Vol. 47, No. 2, April 2005
  • Download: Code (Password Protected)

Array Antenna Design and Analysis Software

Matlab program has been written for analysis of array factor, radiation patterns and other designing parameters of array antenna. Both linear and planar array antenna can be designed for different array configuration like uniform amplitude and phase excitation, non-uniform, binomial array. There is a provision to select array type as broadside or enfire radiation. This program also plots array factors in polar as well as 3D plot. Phase array antenna can be realized by defining different phase to elements

  • Language: Matlab (R14SP1)
  • Reference: Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design (John Wiley & Sons, 2005) Author: Dr. Constantine A. Balanis
  • Download: Code (Password Protected)

Eigen Value Solver using Finite Element Method

Finite Element Method has been used to solve the eigen value problem. I have written FEM meshing as well as matrix solving codes using appropriate boundary conditions, in Matlab. A user friendly GUI has been developed for data plot and calculation of cut-off frequencies as well as filed values . The cut-off frequencies are evaluated from the Eigen value equation expressed in terms of matrices obtained from a set of simultaneous equations satisfying the boundary conditions. An interactive GUI has been written for plot of mesh, boundary nodes, outer boundary and fields.


Microstrip Antenna (RMSA) Design Parameters

Rectangular Microstrip Designing parameters like, length, width, effective dielectric constant and feed impudence can be calculate using this GUI based tool. Empirical formulas has been used to calculate these parameters . After the calculation data is stored in a text file that can be use for reference. Input parameters required in calculations are resonant frequency, dielectric constant of substrate material and height of substrate. Output parameters are ‘Length’ , ‘Width’ and ‘Effective Dielectric Constant’ of patch.

  • Language: Matlab (R14SP1)
  • Reference: Microstrip Antenna Books
  • Download: Code

Radiation Pattern Plot

This is simple utility program that plots antenna measured data obtained from antenna pattern measurement. Code has been written to read data . Code has been written that directly antenna co-pole and cross-pole data and store in Matrix. These matrix data are then plotted simultaneously for both co and cross pole

  • Language: Matlab (R14SP1)
  • Reference: Antenna Pattern data
  • Download: Code               

Antenna Hologram Calculation

A microwave holographic technique for the determination of amplitude and phase of the principal and cross-polarized aperture fields of large antennas is required. The hologram formation process utilizes the elevation over azimuth scanning system normally associated with these antennas, and, in this respect, appears to be unique among other proposed methods of field probing. Holography can be used to predict of E- and H-plane radiation patterns in the near- and far-field accurately . This program calculate and plot antenna hologram by using near field data obtained from antenna ‘Near Field Facility’ measurement .     

  • Keywords:   Antenna Pattern data
  • Download:  Code                                                                                            

Network Analyzer data synthesis

This program performs post processing on the citi file data generated from Network analyzer (VNA). This data is used for tuning antenna parameters along with some other parameters. Code has been written that directly read real and img part of citi file and stores S-parameters in Matrix. These matrix data are then plotted for various S-parameters.

  • Language: Matlab (R14SP1)
  • Reference: Keysight Network analyzer, Citi File
  • Download: Code