My Book : Practical Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design


My new book: “Practical Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design”, is all set to be released by end of this month (March 2019). The book covers the topic of microstrip antennas from roughly three vantage points: printed antenna fundamentals, antenna design technique, and design of real-world application-based antennas. This comprehensive resource presents antenna fundamentals balanced with the practical design of printed antennas. Microstrip and printed antennas are used in radars, aerospace systems, internet of things (IoT), satellite systems, 5G networks, MIMO, automobiles, and mobile phones. Supported with essential equations and illustrations, this practical book helps evaluate various design aspect of the antenna. Based on several years of my research in antenna design and development for RF and microwave applications, this book offers in-depth coverage of microstrip and printed antenna design methodology for modern applications. This book not only contains the crucial elements required to know to design printed antennas but also helps with the following:

  • Many practical designed antenna projects covered in book, which can be used for practice and real-world projects
  • Latest antenna technologies covering 5G, automobiles, GPS, RFID, Radar, Phased array and many other applications
  • Incorporates the various antenna design techniques used by industries and academia

Read more about the book:

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